The Year of Whitney

According to Buzzfeed, your twenties is a decade meant to be spent romantically poor in a tiny apartment in a big city, working at a dream internship, listening to podcasts on the subway, avoiding going to the dentist because calling to make an appointment is too traumatizing, and ghosting a ton of bad Tinder dates. Twenty-somethings are supposed to be anti-social little Peter Pans—Netflixing and avoiding adult responsibility… in a cute way. It’s fun and cool to be struggling through life and trying to find yourself.

Ugh. Buzzfeed and any other quirky indie television show on HBO about being a twenty-something female trying to make it in the world (you know who you are…) lied to me. Being a twenty-something sucks. I’m frighteningly single, unsure about my professional goals, living with my parents in a tiny town in Texas, spending most of my money on paying back loans. I might be comically anti-social and spend a lot of time with Netflix, but it’s not cute. It’s sad, boring, and—quite frankly—lonely. 

2015 was a particularly bad year for me. Ninety-five percent of the year was spent with me balled up horizontally on a couch or a bed watching reality television trying to pretend like my life didn’t exist. As compelling as Lisa Vanderpump is, I can’t spend the rest of my twenties like this. I’ve got to pull it together, so I have a couple goals for the new year:

  1. Get healthy.

Some of you who have seen me recently may have noticing my figure has taken on a very obvious ball shape. While there’s nothing wrong with a body being shaped like a ball, pear, stick, heart, or whatever else a body might look like, I’ve noticed when I eat healthy and move a lot I have a lot more energy and feel happier.

Right now my body looks like it sits on the couch and watches a lot of TV, because that’s what it does. I want my body to run, jump, travel, and eat clean food—so that’s what I’m going to do. I am trying not to have a specific goal weight that I’m trying to reach (although it’s hard not to have one), but instead I want to focus on eating good stuff and exercising and will let my body change in the ways it feels like changing.

2. Do more stuff.

Every weekend, I am going to force myself to do something out of the house. Hopefully I’ll learn to love Lubbock if I have to get out and spend some time with it, and if I start doing things out of the house I won’t feel like I’m wasting my whole life away. Maybe I’ll even make some friends.

3. Get better at adulting.

Make dentist appointments. Go to therapy. Keep my room clean—stop using a laundry basket as a dresser. Clean my bathroom regularly. Make my bed. Learn how to cook things.

4. Art some things.

I like being creative. So I’m going to interior decorate my room and my bathroom in my parent’s house. And do some other crafty things. I don’t know, I’ll Pinterest stuff I guess.

5. Write.

Write my blog. Write creatively. Finish up some scholarly writing. Basically I know I want to write as a profession, I’m not sure what exactly I’ll be writing but until I figure it out I want to write a lot of different things. Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have a better idea about where my career is headed.

So. These five things are my goals to help me pull it together and not be such a mess in 2016.